Case Studies

Digital Marketing Campaigns

For campaigns to stand out, make them stand for something. You’ll find new customers, keep them, and turn them into advocates because they value what you do.

Close up photo of a cream colored VIEV jacket and zipper with copy pver it that speaks to versatilityu.

Patagonia entered a market

Patagonia saw the women's athleisure market take off and wanted a stake in this competitive market, but we didn't want to chase a trend, sound like everyone else, or stray from our core values.

But stayed true to core values

Working with my creative team, I came up with a campaign that spoke to women — how their choices defined them — while highlighting our core values: multifunctional/versatile products that are made to last, and have reduced environmental impact.

A creative campaign — "Our Choices Define Us" — and multi-platform content was created for sell-in and sell-through, including social, emails, catalog, website, women-led events, PR/media and retail/wholesale in-store display.

Woman standing on top of a mounatin bent over ski poles wearing a red jacket and blue shorts.
Two pages from a campaign called Our Choices Define us with women sweating.