Case Studies

Content Strategy

Building a content strategy is like drawing a map. Whether it's a multi-channel marketing campaign based on a core idea or a long-term brand strategy tied to multiple, connected content pillars, a strategy saves you tons of time, money and energy so you can prioritize messaging for your audience and focus on your goals.

Woman wearing GORE WEAR top standing with hands on hips.

GORE WEAR came to the U.S.

GORE WEAR has a long history and success in the European biking and running market, but the company wanted to enter the U.S. market and speak to a new audience. They had some U.S. ambassadors, but didn't have any relevant content.

We made them relevant

Working with a creative team, I strategized digital owned/earned/paid content around key pillars to introduce the brand to the U.S. market, focusing on U.S. athletes and races.

I interviewed several bike ambassadors for blog content that was used in digital and email campaigns, covered U.S. gravel bike races to build relevant content, and wrote website copy for U.S. go-to-market product campaigns.

Image of a man and a woman riding their bikes in wet weather.

Footprint Chronicles re-boot

Patagonia launched their first Footprint Chronicles over 20 years ago. A first of its kind, it was a road map that tracked where all their products came from and promoted an era of transparency. But it needed an update and to better connect to the company's brand values.

Connecting products to an ethos

Breaking down a product's supply chain journey is a feat in itself. We wanted to take it a step further and connect each product's manufacturing and material journey to our brand ethos to "do less harm."

The website underwent a complete overhaul and I matched materials to brand ambitions, for example, why we switched to organic cotton. I also wrote copy that explained how and where each product was made.

The result is a cohesive breakdown of the "why" behind each product—from a materials and supply chain perspective anchored in brand values—and a call to action to demand change in the apparel industry.

Copy that says "We grow our cotton organically" with image of cotton field and large yellow dot.