Case Studies

Corporate Comms

Corporate communication tells people why you do what you do. Aligning people and employees around values builds relationships. You create advocates and attract/keep strong talent.

Photo of smailing man and woman with trees in background. "Output Report" is in a teal rectangular box over the image.

KEEN needed to share their story

KEEN is a leader in the footwear industry. In 2019, their shoes became 95% free of perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs), a common substance used for waterproofing gear. They didn't do it for the credit: they want to eliminate "forever chemicals" in their supply chain because it was the right thing to do.

But they also wanted to share their learnings and encourage other companies to look at their own supply chain. How could they create transparency and share what they learned?

We laid out the facts

Working with a team of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and supply chain experts, we hammered out a green guide that outlines how KEEN got to 95% PFC-free.

We also wrote KEEN's first Impact Report by building content around three main pillars — Access & Inclusion, Detox the Planet, Disaster Relief — and digging up all the KPIs we could find to show how KEEN was working toward and measuring their environmental and social impact.

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Page example of KEEN Impact report.

IKEA made a bold move

IKEA was ready to launch a major sustainability initiative promoted in owned, earned, and paid channels, but their most important audience was the company's 130,000 co-workers in 36 countries. How could they educate everyone in their organization — from C suite execs to warehouse workers — about the huge changes that were about to happen and get them involved?

We shared the mission

Working with IKEA sustainability communication managers, we developed monthly inhouse communication tools that were shared in digital newsrooms, newsletters, and Yammer forums. We highlighted ongoing progress, challenges and success stories so every IKEA co-worker could feel they had a direct impact on this new, multi-year global initiative.

IKEA employee newsletter for People & Planet initiative.

Changing the lives of refugees

One Home One Planet (OHOP) is an IKEA event that brings together purpose-driven, business leaders and government institutions from around the world. The goal is to break down barriers and solve key social and environmental challenges.

IKEA wanted this event, which focused on the refugee crisis, to be focused, action-oriented and easily shareable. How could they capture it so anyone in the world could hear directly from leaders and refugees; then become part of the solution?

By creating actionable content

I attended the OHOP 2022 event virtually and captured key concepts for a very succinct Output Report that is available online for anyone who wants to read more about the global refugee program.

The report includes a global call-to-action from Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees. There's also a QR code that links to a Skills for Employment Toolkit, which is a how-to guide for opening pathways for refugees.

The ultimate goal? Creating decent work for refugees who are trying to create better lives for themselves and their families.

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Photo of smailing man and woman with trees in background. "Output Report" is in a teal rectangular box over the image.