The Process

Here’s a sample itinerary for a full journey where we get to create something together. You might want the entire excursion, or just a short hike.

Line art image of a map

Make a map

  • Discuss your vision, mission values and goals
  • Talk about the problem you want to solve (a customer need, pain point or desired outcome)
  • Outline definition of success
  • Set priorities and timelines
  • Who else needs to be involved or looped in?
Line art image of a dotted line going down a path through tall trees


  • Who is your existing audience and what do they need/value?
  • Who else are you trying to reach?
  • Conduct competitor analysis and find points of differentiation
  • Execute digital (SEO/keywords/assets) and marketing audit
  • Define/create user journeys
  • Find and outline opportunities
Line art image of a tent next to a tree

Build a base camp

  • Do a de-brief check-in (agree on what we want to create)
  • Create a mind map of content pillars and customer profiles/journeys
  • Create content pillar topics and audience strategy
  • Ideation and client feedback
  • Create internal and/or digital brand/marketing communication strategy
  • Build an editorial calendar
Image of a campfire

Light the fire

  • Create values-based content aligned with goals
  • Publish content and monitor impact/response
  • Conduct short-term periodic analytics
  • Review long-term brand outcome(s), i.e., how much value are we creating?

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