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What's your story?

Before there was an internet, people told stories around a campfire.

We still share stories: things we care about: the people in our lives, ideas that helped someone out, dreams that inspire us.

Our stories connect us.

Whether you work for a global brand, a nonprofit or a start-up, tell me your story and why you do what you do.

From strategic brand content development and corporate comms to writing and editing, I help share stories that ignite ideas.

Main page of National Democratic Training Committe website.

Corporate Comms

Corporate communications can be in-house, external or both. Aligning messages and creating understanding is key to keeping your brand lively and relevant.

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Woman wearing GORE WEAR top standing with hands on hips.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

For campaigns to stand out, make them stand for something. You’ll find new customers, keep them, and turn them into advocates because they value what you do.

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Example of page for Patagonia Footprints Chronicles that talks about organic cotton.

Content Strategy

Good content strategy starts with audience/competitor research and ends with content pillars your audience care about—and great copy that leads to action.

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Man sitting at desk with lots of desks and furniture in the background.

Brand Guidelines

These are a living library of essential ideas and strategic decisions.

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Photo of Polynesian voyaging vessel with Hawaiin mountains in the background.


Fun fact: catalogs and print are a new (old) way to reach customers.

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Man in field with animals in the background and "What's in Your Baggies" text.


Great writing and strong concepts drive great film/video execution.

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Page from Patagonia catalog called "Recycling is Broken" and photo of person walking in a warehouse carrying a lot of clothing.

Long Form Writing

I’m a naturally curious person that loves meeting new people and uncovering new stories. Let me help you tell your story.

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Page from Filson catalog with text and an illustration of a FILSON jacket


Also called storytelling, it's when you take your audience on a cool journey.

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Cover of the book "Let My People Go Surfing" with green grass in front of waves breaking on the far shore.


I'm also an editor and I've worked on several projects for Patagonia Books.

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What I Do

I help companies by creating content that stands out, because it stands for something. I especially love helping my clients ideas come to life and finding solutions to problems.

Feel free to poke around the site; look at examples of previous work and check out "The Process" to see how it works. Then send a message ⬇️ if you want to chat.

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Wanna talk shop? Drop me a line.

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