The Migrating Mural Project

Animal migration isn’t easy to see, or communicate, but this artist Jane Kim senses and imagines animals all around her. So she started a Kickstarter page and is raising funds so she can continue to […]

The Power of Infographics

I’m consistently impressed by the New York Times and how they’ve successfully embraced digital media. This infographic tells a powerful, succinct story about the topics raised by both parties during the Democratic and Republican conventions. […]

Google maps stake their claim

With Apple ready to announce the launch of iOS6 and their own maps, Google is on a bit of an ad campaign to promote their maps, too. Check out the fun video and list of […]

Flipboard adds curated video

Flipboard just made the (tech) news yesterday by passing the 20-million-users mark. Today they added a cool feature that I know I’ll be using. It’s a curated video section with channels arranged by topic. On […]

Connectivity just makes sense

The $1.3 Trillion Price Of Not Tweeting At Work | Fast Company. In this article by Ryan Holmes, the emphasis is on money savings and increased productivity. What stands out for me is social-business tools […]

Corporate Social Responsibility

Can corporate social responsibility be measured using metrics and other economic-based tools? I don’t have the answer (I tend to focus on intentions, not measurements) but here’s some food for thought: