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We’re a creative agency specializing in brands that serve the common good.


What We Do

We work with companies that have a message to get out–from startups to international giants. While we are equipped to handle large, complex projects, we also understand that some projects just need to get done in small parts. So here's a breakdown of the services we offer. Drop a line or give us a call and we'll be happy to discuss your needs.

Six steps that turn your vision into reality

Communicating your vision and growing your brand requires continuous effort. Here are the six steps we take that turn your vision into reality and grow your brand value. Depending on your organizational needs we can offer one step, a few steps, or all six.

Company Vision, Mission & Values

1. We identify these three core ideas and build your foundation.

Strategy + Branding

2. We create a plan that turns your vision into actions and frames your unique brand.

Internal/External Communicaton

3. Starting from within, we help get people on board, then reach customers with original content.

Meaningful Engagement

4. Customers understand your vision, get on board and become your advocates.

Sustainable Growth

5. Here’s where your message, product or service grows in value.

Increased Growth & Value

6. Everybody wins: Your vision is realized, customers are happy, your value is increased.


Do you have everything you need to communicate your vision? We offer strategic communication solutions–everything from defining your vision and values to building and executing the strategy that helps you reach your goals. Here are some examples.

Brand ID / UnSit


The Journey of Hōkūle‘a / Patagonia

Brand ID / Storytelling / Strategy / Sustainability Communication

Environmental Activism / Patagonia

Campaigns / Strategy / Sustainability Communication / Video

Worn Wear / Patagonia

Strategy / Sustainability Communication / Video

Regenerative Agriculture / Patagonia

Brand ID / Campaigns / Strategy / Sustainability Communication / Video

Branding / The North Face

Brand ID / Copywriting / Strategy

Re-brand / Filson

Brand ID / Copywriting / Design

Natural Rubber Wetsuit / Patagonia

Sustainability Communication / Video

Store Signage / IKEA

Copywriting / Design / Sustainability Communication

Catalog / Gaiam

Brand ID / Copywriting / Sustainability Communication

Tone of Voice / prAna

Brand ID / Copywriting / Design

Brand Messaging / Patagonia

Copywriting / Strategy / Sustainability Communication

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  • Ginger M Conrad, Brand Manager @ Virgin Mobile

    MBCD’s marketing strategy & communication skills are exemplary. In the field of Brand Marketing, you either “get it” or you don’t. Well, they get it, and then some!

  • Kirsten Longnecker, Communications Director @ BancVue

    MBCD is well versed in LOHAS subjects and their passion for the environment and fair trade translates to genuine messaging that speaks to their readers’ hearts.

  • Mike Crawshaw, IKEA Communications

    MBCD will get your brand on track. They are comfortable working on broad communication challenges but have an eye for detail that ensures excellent results.

  • Cyd Crouse, COO @ Gaiam Brands

    I’m always confident that MBCD will add significantly to the brand of any business I work with.

  • Kim Myers, Senior Editor @ The Swiss Colony

    MBCD is a multi-talented right/left brain creative agency that has the ability to learn any voice and “become the customer” in a very short amount of time.

  • Sarah Brownrigg, Co-Create IKEA

    I don’t want to recommend MBCD because if other people know how great they are to work with they’d whisk them off somewhere else to be fantastic.

Don’t address their brains. Address their hearts.

- Nelson Mandela -

Specialized experience

Here are some of the areas where we have loads of experience and success.

  • Fair Trade + Organic
  • Sustainability Topics

  • Environmental Nonprofits
  • Outdoor Industry + Women’s Sports

  • Entrepreneurs + Start-ups
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Team

We are a network agency and add on specialized talent as needed. This way resources are spent wisely, there's less overhead and our clients save money.

  • 11 Years in Washington
  • 0 Days Without Chocolate
  • 25 Years Doing This
  • 71 Happy Clients

Greatness is a lot of small things done well.

- Ray Lewis -


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